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Viña Valdecontina Denominación de Origen Bierzo
Detalle Viña Valdecontina Vinos denominación de origen Bierzo

Our vineyard and winery are located in the Valdecontina site, on the north slope of the Boeza River valley as it passes through the town of Albares de la Ribera, in the municipality of Torre del Bierzo, in the province of León. Its origins date back to the 9th century with the settlement of the Monastery of Santa María and San Martín.

Our sites

V a l d e c o n t i n a

Along the valley, we have identified three different sites: Valdecontina, La Galapana, and Valle del Río. In each of these sites, there are different plots that we differentiate by their characteristic and independent properties.

Pinot Noir

Sangiovese Sierra Folia

Blueberries are organic grown combined with little wild plums of all colors we pick ourselves along the Snake River that separate Oregon from Idaho.

Castello di Neive

The generous mid-palate has mouth-filling textual layers with hints of toast and vibrancy to the fruit. The gentle acid balance opens the palate finishing with soft lingering flavours.

Domaine Prieuré-Roch Blanc

A light yellow in color with a creamy bubbling and an elegant and persistent sparkling. The nose is fragrant and expressive with fruity and floral notes.
Bierzo Alto

V i n e y a r d

Located in an exceptionally beautiful setting, on a hill with sandy-clay soils in the valley of the Boeza River, mostly facing south, our vineyard offers unparalleled possibilities for the production of quality wines.

Bodega Valdecontina Vinos denominación de origen Bierzo

Built in 2003, our winery has modern facilities with all the necessary technology for the production of quality wines protected by the Denomination of Origin Bierzo.


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Bodega Valdecontina Vinos denominación de origen Bierzo