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Pure and personality wines D.O. Bierzo

W i n e s D . O . B i e r z o

We produce our wines with the intention of preserving the identity of each site. Within these sites, we also produce estate wines from the plots that we consider to be of greater interest due to their characteristics. We seek pure and personality-driven wines. The area in which our vineyards are located, the Bierzo Alto, allows us to obtain grapes with good phenolic ripening without losing their natural acidity. Thanks to this, we can produce fresh and well-balanced wines, easy to drink and friendly, but not lacking in depth and structure.

V a l l e d e l r í o

The Mencía grape vines from La Olvidada, Antonín Peláez, and La Cuesta vineyards in Valle del Río site give rise to this wine. Aged between 9 and 12 months in French oak barrels of different capacities, it is a fresh and elegant wine, with a long finish but not lacking in structure and complexity.

L a G a l a p a n a

This wine is made with Mencía grapes from La Galapana, located in the eponymous site. Aged for a minimum of 12 months in French oak barrels, it is a wine that showcases all the complexity and elegance of the Mencía variety without losing the personality and character conferred by the soil it comes from. We find a wine with a predominance of floral and balsamic notes, with a silky texture, balance, and good length on the palate.

V i ñ a d e M a r í a P í a

Another one of our estate wines, referring to the vineyard of the same name in the Valdecontina site. The south-facing orientation of this plot, its height above 800 meters, pronounced slope, and poorer sandy loam soils give rise to high-quality grapes for making this age-worthy wine. Aged for a minimum of 12 months in barrels, we obtain a wine with marked notes of red and black fruit, spices of cinnamon and clove, and licorice. Structured and with a long finish on the palate, it has a persistent and marked mineral character that brings us back to the origin of the vineyard.

V i ñ a d e M a r t í n

The wine is made from Mencía grapes grown in a single plot in the La Galapana site. The poor soils with little organic matter and abundant river stones on the surface, along with the orientation and altitude of the plot (close to 850 meters), allow us to obtain high-quality grapes for the elaboration of this wine, which is aged for 12 to 15 months in French oak barrels. It is a complex wine with balsamic, spicy, and forest fruit notes, but above all, it reflects the mineral character of the vineyard and its soil of origin. In the mouth, the wine stands out for its volume, structure, good acidity, and great length and persistence.

G o d e l l o

Marcos Vineyard in the Valdecontina site produces the Godello grapes with which we make this wine. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, and subsequently aged on fine lees for a minimum of four months, we find a wine of great intensity and clarity on the nose that shows the full expression of the variety, highlighting floral notes, white fruit, citrus, and light minerals. In the mouth, it is smooth and creamy, with good volume and acidity that maintains the balance of the wine.

G o d e l l o f e r m e n t a d o e n b a r r i c a

In the Teso vineyard, located in the Valle del Río site, we find a west-facing slope vineyard with sandy soil that is very poor in organic matter, which allows for optimal ripening of the grapes to obtain a wine with the best qualities for aging. Fermented and aged on fine lees in 600-liter barrels and larger foudres, the wine shows all the potential and complexity of the Godello variety. Citrus notes, white flowers, aniseed, and hydrocarbons that mark the mineral character are part of the aromatic profile of this wine. In the mouth, the wine has a gentle entry, with great volume, a long finish, and persistence. Undoubtedly, a Godello wine for aging, to be enjoyed now and in the future.